About Me

Writer.  Teacher.  Mom.  Daughter.  Friend.  Christian.  Armchair philosopher.  Lover of beauty.  Optimist. Wake Forest fan.  Loeys-Dietz Syndrome and food allergy advocate.  Pop culture diva.  80s pop music aficionado. Lover and hater of chaos simultaneously.  Try too hard to be everything to everyone most days.   Fail miserably at those attempts.   The last few years have been hard. Husband had multiple surgeries and health scares.  Oldest son had surgeries and health challenges.  (All of these are a result of the rare connective tissue disorder called Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.)  Youngest son won’t stop writing on surfaces he shouldn’t and dog habitually pees on the carpet.  Divorced, changed jobs, rebuilding and redefining my life.  After so much turmoil, I am injecting fun and frolic into the mundane as much as possible.  Trying to show myself and those around me grace abundantly.  Again, most days I fail.  Working hard to build a life and family marked by successes, giving, excitement, and triumphs.  This blog chronicles it all.


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