Day Zero

So day zero — surgery day — is behind us.  They began at 7:30 am and had finished within 4 hours just as expected.  So let’s cover all that has happened in that 24 hours from the end of surgery.  It is mindboggling.

In ICU; bit of a temperature and somewhat hypertensive when he got there, but all is well now.  Breathing tube out, started liquids, one chest tube out, off oxygen, sat up, walked a lap, central line out, moved out of ICU to step down unit, off all drips.

He woke his dad up around midnight and asked him to talk to him and tell him stories.  He sleeps a lot, obviously, but when he’s awake he wants us to hold his hand.  His pain is at a 4.  All good stuff.

Plan for today is just a lot of rest and walking more.  Also, may get catheter out and moving to oral pain medication.  Also, going to try moving to solid foods.


One thought on “Day Zero

  1. Eddie stays on my mind constantly, I can’t help it!! I have never even met him before but he will always hold a special place in my heart, I just feel like I know him by so much of ur journey that u have had to go through with this!! Thanks to ur mom for sharing ur story with us all.I am always checking ur page for updates and comments about ur health and wishing u the best!! I want u to know I will continue to pray for u Eddie and that they can keep ur pain down as little as possible as u continue the recovery process!!! There are so many praying for u Eddie I am sure that GOD has u in his loving hands and I want u to know u have touched so many hearts by sharing ur story and I want to say thank you for that because u have certainly touched my heart with ur journey!! GOD BLESS YOU EDDIE!!!

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