Pre op Day

So we’re at Duke.  I’d say we’re settled in at Duke, but nobody really gets settled in a hospital.  Eddie slept really well last night, surprisingly.  In fact, I had to go in and wake him up at 10:30 this morning to make sure I could get him out of the house and to Duke on time.  He wanted to stop for lunch so we did.  We giggled and laughed and it was surprisingly relaxed.  Then we headed on to Duke where we had to wait a bit for a room. However, Eddie wanted to go to the cafeteria and have a snack to kill the time.  Again, he was surprisingly relaxed.  In fact, Rick and I talked about how amazingly he was handling things.  I mean freaky amazingly.

We finally got to his room a couple of hours after arriving.  He appeared to be a bit fidgety at that point.  It made sense.  He wasn’t free to just roam around which is challenging for him.  Doctors came and went.  Nurses came and went.  He settled in nicely.  The only time he seemed to get a bit flustered was a lady walked in and drew blood.  He was bothered that there was no warning that he would have blood drawn.  However, in all honesty, it was probably better that way.  If he knew, he would have dreaded it.  Knowing he was having an IV was enough to dread.  A nurse came in and put in Eddie’s IV and she was great.  He seemed to be so surprised that it was so easy.

He has just returned from a CT scan.  They ordered it without contrast because they are VERY careful about his allergies.  The egg allergy is associated with the contrast they use, apparently, so they don’t want to take any chances despite the fact that he’s had contrast before.  The anesthesiologist talked with me quite a bit and told me they are going to be avoiding certain meds for him, as well, because of his allergies.

He also said that they will put a line in their vein before he is put to sleep so they can monitor every single beat and rhythm his heart has every second during the surgery.  It’s much more detailed, timely, and accurate than a bp cuff.   Additionally the team will use ultrasound throughout the surgery because of the unusual veins of Loeys-Dietz patients.  I love hearing how thorough everyone is and so knowledgeable of the syndrome.

He is preparing to take a shower tonight and will wake tomorrow around 4:30 am for another shower before surgery.  He will move to pre-op around 6 am in the morning and should be in the OR by 7:15 am.  After surgery he will go to ICU.  They will try to wake him around 5pm and see how he is doing.  He could be moved out of the ICU tomorrow evening if things are going well, but he will likely spend the night there and be moved to the cardiac unit Friday morning.

Dr. Gaca stopped by tonight and spoke with Eddie and Rick.  I had gone to the car to get Eddie’s things.  Dr.Gaca said they anticipate all things going according to plan, but he has to explain that there is always the chance that they will see that his valve needs replacing during the surgery.  If that occurs, he will have a mechanical valve and be on Coumadin for life.  However, again, all signs point to this being a valve sparing root replacement.

I’ll update tomorrow.  We’ve been so overwhelmed and warmed by the number of people reaching out over the last few days but especially today.  Those prayers and words of encouragement are certainly what explains the lack of anxiety Eddie has demonstrated.  There simply aren’t words to describe it.


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