Last Day Before Duke

Not much to say, but I feel compelled to write anyhow.  Tomorrow we go to Duke.  E will be admitted and will have the pre-operative stuff and a CT scan done.  He is scheduled for surgery at 7 am Thursday.  We spent the morning running errands and tidying up the house a bit.  Then we had a visit from friends and then we traveled to my parents’ home for dinner and a visit.

E has been in great spirits throughout most of the day.  The visit from friends was appreciated and helpful.   At my parents, he got to choose the dinner menu.  He had a smorgasbord of his favorite Chinese takeout foods that we all sampled.  He even took a picture of the food and us at the table which was a bit unusual of him.  We shared lots of laughter and jokes.  We then had to say goodbye to D who will be staying with my parents and headed home.  I let E listen to his favorite music on the drive home.  He finds it utterly hilarious that he has created a Spotify playlist titled, “Songs Mom Will Hate” and is filled with rap songs containing curse words, and the typical sex-drugs-rocknroll theme.  But I allowed him to play them on the way home since D was not in the car.  He bopped all the way down the road and I had to giggle at him.

I also made a point to tell him how proud I am of him.  It’s easy to nag and discipline or point out the shortcomings of your kid.   However, it’s super important to me that E hears me tell him all the ways I think he’s getting it right, also.  And I sure am confident he’s handling all of this surgery business like a champ.  As I shared with him, there are many adults who deal with far less serious things in far worse ways.  He has demonstrated joy, peace, and healthy self-care most days since April when the doctors explained he would have this valve-sparing aortic root replacement.

I will have a computer with me while E is in the hospital so I can update all of you, our friends and family.  Thank you for your continued support, encouragement, well wishes, and prayers.  I look forward to sharing with you that it’s all behind us and he is on the mend.


3 thoughts on “Last Day Before Duke

  1. This just brings me to tears. You both are so courageous. Love to your family. I’ll be thinking of both of you.

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