The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

Even though I didn’t grow up a huge sports fan, I remember being young and hearing Jim McKay’s voice on Saturday afternoons.  There was the iconic picture of the ski jumper falling as he said “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” on the opening of Wide World of Sports.  Sports really do have a great way of reminding us that life has peaks and valleys.  That’s the way it should be.  Never has that been more apparent than in this last year.

Eddie doesn’t discuss his upcoming surgery often.  When the topic does come up, his entire demeanor changes.  He doesn’t appear to let it monopolize his thoughts, but it cannot be avoided all the time.   As the surgery gets closer day by day, it will be challenging to not let it seep into his mind more and more.  Now when it would be so easy for him to become obsessive about the upcoming surgery, he is active in the excitement of post season baseball with Wake Forest.  That helps so much.  It’s just so divinely coincidental to know the timing of it all.

Last year the team went to the regionals but Eddie couldn’t be there as it was in Texas. This year the team played in their regionals games at home so we could attend all of them.  Now the Suepr Regionals are in Florida.  We told Eddie we would make the drive so he could be with the team as part of his 16th birthday celebration so here we are. While his thoughts sometimes wonder to anesthesia and CT scans and heart-lung bypass machines, mainly he is focused on pitching counts and RPIs and batting averages.  It is a blessing.

Tonight’s game was intense, but ultimately did not go our way.  However, here’s hoping that tomorrow goes in our favor so we can continue this post-season fervor.



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