Wish Trip – Day 4

Wish Trip – Day 4

I just don’t know where the time is going.  Last week when counting down the days to our trip, each day seemed like an eternity.  Now that we are here, each hour seems to fly by.

Yesterday was a free day of sorts for us as Make a Wish had no activities prearranged for us.  It’s nice to have a mix of scheduled activities and free days.  Eddie and I had decided the night before we would head over to Diamond Head to have a sunrise hike.  We set the alarm for 5 am and made our way early.  The park’s gates open at 6 am and we were parked and starting out by 6:15 am.

It was a challenging trek for a number of reasons not the least of which was we were in the dark.  It was pitch dark when we started.  A few other hikers had glow sticks or were using the flashlight on their phones.  We did not.  The first portion of the hike is on even concrete paths.  And then as you make your way up the crater side the path gets more narrow, rocky, and uneven.  There are scenic spots along the way for picture opportunities and breathtaking views.  We were able to stop and enjoy the myriad of colors in the sky as the sun came up.  sunrise

The last portion of the hike is a climb up some intense stairs.  There are lots of steps, but the challenging part is because of how steep they are.  diamond-head

Then just as you are dying to catch your breath, you turn a corner to see another staircase: this one a spiral.diamond-head-stairs-photo_1002629-770tall But finally, you emerge at the pinnacle and the views are totally worthwhile.  And the best part was sharing it with Eddie.


After we finished our hike, we met the rest of the gang for breakfast at McDonalds….Deacon’s request.  While everyone else ordered the usual biscuits, breakfast meats, and pancakes, I decided to try out more local fare.  My friend, Shannon, had been stationed here when she served in the military and she shared the McDonalds serves spam, eggs, and rice for breakfast.  So when in Rome…..

That was gross.  End of story.

After breakfast, Eddie wanted to take a turn at the zoo and to get in a trip to the Waikiki Aquarium.  Just as they did with Deacon the day before, Eddie was escorted to the gift shop to choose a donated stuffed animal.  He picked a turtle donated from a couple in Washington state.  We viewed giraffes, birds, and our favorites, the spider monkeys, to name a few.  We then walked a couple blocks down to the aquarium.  It was a small aquarium but something fun for us to do together.  We were particularly interested in learning about sea life indigenous to Hawaii and Polynesia.  As guests enter the aquarium, volunteers take pictures of your party.  On your way out you pass by the stand to view and purchase pictures.  Seeing our Make a Wish buttons, the manager bundled all our pictures together and gave them to us as a gift.  It was an awesome gesture.

Finally we returned to the room where Eddie was able to watch his beloved Demon Deacons win the Military Bowl.  We then get dressed in beach attire and finished the day enjoying the sea and the surf.

It was another phenomenal day.



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