Wish Trip – Day 3

Day 3 started with breakfast at a local place, Teddy’s.  There was nothing really unique about our choices to eat….bacon, potatoes, breakfast burrito, pancakes.  After breakfast Rick and I divided and conquered with the boys.

Make a Wish had arranged for a tee time and golf club rental at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club here on Oahu for Rick and Eddie per Eddie’s request.  This course was designed by Arnold Palmer.  (You can click here to go to their website)  Eddie had an amazing round shooting an 83.  He said the weather and conditions were perfect.maw-golf

While Rick and Eddie were enjoying a day of golf, Deacon and I went to the Honolulu Zoo.  The zoo is located one block over from our hotel.  Robin and Liz, our wish grantors, explained that we needed to wear our Make A Wish buttons everywhere we go whil on our trip.  This came in handy because as we approached the entrance,  zoo employees spotted our buttons and whisked us through saying our visit was complimentary.  Then they took us to the back corner of the gift shop where a bin of stuffed animals were located.  Above the bin were a number of Make A Wish posters.  The gift shop manager explained that guests to the zoo are invited to purchase stuffed animals to donate to the bin and each MAW child gets to choose an animal to take home as their souvenir.  Deacon gladly chose a monkey to take with him donated by a couple from California.

Deacon and I spotted lions, elephants, and a myriad of birds before seeing the playground.  That was it.  Deacon played on the playground until he was almost too tired to keep his eyes open.  Then he asked if we could go back to the hotel room because he was tired.  We spent the majority of the day watching television with the occasional walk down the block for ice cream or lunch.  I hated to spend a day inside, but no day is wasted if I’m spending it with those I love and Deacon definitely fits that description.  This time change has really done a number on him and he needed a day to rest so that’s what he got.

After Rick and Eddie returned, Deacon rested with Rick while Eddie and I took a walk along the beach.  It was nice to be able to have some individual time with each child.  Then we went to bed early (before 10 pm) as Eddie and I had plans to take a sunrise hike at Diamond Head.  But that’s an entry for tomorrow……


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