Too much information or TMI……this is a phrase often said in jest, but it is the perfect description for the last two days.  Yesterday Eddie had lab work, allergy, biofeedback, dental, and physiatry.  Allergy was a simple follow up.  His labs included allergy tests, but there are no skin pricks on this visit.

Biofeedback is a highlight of our time at the NIH.  She shared some tools to help
Eddie become more aware of the reactions he has to stress.  We had a guided meditation in chairs that contain speakers.  She also recommended tai chi and/or yoga for Eddie.  She said this is easy on the body, increases flexibility, and helps with pain and stress.

And then came dental.  This was our first time meeting Dr. Range.  He was very pleased to see how well aligned Eddie’s teeth are.  All in all, the impact LDS has on Eddie’s teeth is on the milder end of the spectrum.  Eddie will likely need his wisdom teeth removed in a year as it was apparent on the xrays that these will be impacted.   There are a few things to be mindful of when seeking an oral surgeon thanks to the LDS, but it seems as though it will likely be a simple procedure.

Patients with Loeys-Dietz often have problematic enamel on their teeth.  Eddie has some of these issues.  The enamel is particularly thin on his molars.  As a result, he has some abnormalities on these teeth.  These are not alarming or pronounced.  Dr. Range is prescribing a few products for Eddie to use to help protect from demineralization and decalcification.

Then we went to physiatry to pick up orthotic insoles they had made for Eddie.  Eddie slipped them in and instantly felt a difference.

I’ll catch up on all the other appointments later, but as for now…..I’m going to bed.



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