My Argument

There is a Christian musician and songwriter I heard years ago named Kyle Matthews.  He had a number of songs that stick with me even all this time later.  One such song was “My Argument.”  (You can click to go to Kyle Matthews’ website and listen to the song.)

In this song he tells the story of Albert Schweitzer and how rather than talking about helping people, he decided to actually help people.  It’s basically the concept of talk is cheap.  One’s life and actions tell the story of who they really are.

From time to time we’ve all had an occasion or two (or ten) where untruths  or false narratives were told about us.  From time to time we’ve all had an occasion or two (or ten) where we feel the need to defend ourselves. Recently, I have found myself in that place.  I want to react.  I want to shoot my mouth off.  It’s particularly tempting in this highly charged political period when one person disagrees with us or may even insult us for our point of view.


Today I was really contemplating how to handle a specific situation.  Hmmm….should I call and be direct?  Should I be passive aggressive?  Should I be catty?  Should I just straight up insult?  Should I defend?  I can’t possibly just sit back and let this stand, right?

And then I had this song pop in my head…..”I’ve got to make my life my argument…. You know I’ll never be more eloquent than when I make my life my argument.”

I knew the best argument was to live my life.  Decide the person I want to be and just be the best version of that I can.  No words needed.  Eventually, any rumors or untruths will be revealed simply because people will see how I live my life.   No response in words.  My life, my actions are my response.   It’s hard, but if we all do this, life is so much more peaceful and drama free.


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