What If?

I am a wonderer.  Not a wanderer in the sense that I travel aimlessly from place to place, but a wonderer.  My mind has so many thoughts running through it.  The thoughts are often contemplative…..thoughts about people, the world, God.  This post includes those rambling thoughts in my mind.  I apologize if it doesn’t really seem to flow.

From time to time I hear comments like “that’s not how God designed us to be.”  Again, I realize the whole bathroom bill is on every news channel, social media meme, and internet article, but it’s not limited to that.  In fact, people have used this same argument regarding interracial dating, homosexuality, and even dying hair. (One look at me and you can tell I don’t agree with that….last week I had gray roots and this week they’re magically gone.)  But here’s all I can consider….

What if God made differences such as homosexuality, transgender, even vegetarians so that we can demonstrate His love and grace to those who don’t look or act or eat like us?  What if those who are different from the mainstream aren’t defying God’s natural order of things at all?  What if they were totally intended to be who they are…not because there was a mistake or a choice involved.  What if one of the many reasons they were intended to be exactly who they are is to give us a real opportunity to show love, joy, peace, kindness, and goodness to each other?  Them to us and us to them.  (Ugh, I hate the idea of us and them.  So anti what I’m trying to say here.)

The reality is it’s not hard at all to show these fruits of the Spirit to those that look like us, think like us, act like us.  The true challenge is in stepping outside of our comfort zones and challenging our thinking to show this kind of love to those who are different (sometimes uncomfortably so) from us.

What if, again, these individuals were created exactly as God intended?  Then our issue is not really about the differences….about what God created.  Then our issue really is that God is not who we think He is.  Our idea of God becomes shattered and this challenge to our thinking is actually what we are fighting against…..not people.

If “that’s not how God designed us to be” is your way of thinking, I’m not telling you that you are bad or even wrong (of course, I’m certainly not telling you that you are correct, either)….just suggesting that if we consider this, it might rock our comfortable view of things and stretch us a bit.  And sometimes we need to stretch just to get that much closer to God.


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