Mysterious Ways


I’ve always believed that God takes care of us.  He may not always give us our wants but he does provide for our needs.  (Now, I sometimes have a hard time reconciling this belief with the fact that I see so much poverty in the world around me.  However, reconciling or not, struggling with it or not, it’s an important belief for me.) It gives me hope when things seem desperate and ominous.  Matthew 6:25-27 seems pretty clear that if God provides for the plants and the animals, then he will provide for us.

Sometimes we think of God’s provisions always coming in miraculous and mysterious ways like manna falling from the sky.  It takes only the unexplained for us to sometimes see God’s work.  The bank finding an error in our favor which puts another $50 in our account, the miracle of a tumor spontaneously disappearing, a pregnancy after decades of infertility.  Those most certainly can be described as miraculous, mysterious, and of God.  However, the challenge is in seeing the smaller and less grandiose as blessings and works from God.

Sometimes the most mysterious works God performs in our lives is through random acts of kindness performed by those around us.  In recent months I’ve experienced such an avalanche of these acts of kindness that it is overwhelming to consider.  A friend has called at just the right time,  a neighbor has dropped by, my parents have visited with a tool box in hand.  It seems like random acts of kindness, but I don’t think they were random at all.

I am reminded in those moments when I see people reach out to each other that often times the real work of God is completed in the seemingly ordinary acts of men and women, boys and girls, young and old who look out for each other.  Buying a friend lunch, spontaneously mowing a neighbor’s yard, sticking a card in the mail…. these may seem like little things, but that act of kindness speaks volumes to the recipient. And make no mistake; it is being God’s hands and feet.  Sometimes you are the miracle, the mysterious way that God works in others.


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