An Apology to My Youngest

There are 10 years and what feels like a lifetime between my two children.  I was 26 when I had the oldest and 36 (almost 37) when I had the baby.  Life was different.  I was different.  And that is why an apology may be in order.

To my youngest:

I am sorry that when you come to me with a scratch on your leg barely visible to the naked eye I do not drop everything, pick you up in my arms, and shower you with kisses, band-aids, and candy.  Yes, I realize your brother got this treatment at four, but now I rub your knee and tell you it’s not bleeding.  Then I remind you that crying children do not get bubbles in their baths at night.

I am sorry that when you do not like the broccoli on your plate I do not jump up to make you a hotdog.  I realize your brother pretty much had a short order cook at his disposal but this diner is closed.  Permanently.

I am sorry that I actually make you put your own clothes on in the mornings.  I realize you want another 10 minutes of sleep and to be left alone.  So does Mama, Baby Boy.  So does Mama.

I am sorry that most days I pick up the mail.  My brain is 10 years and one child older than it was for your brother.  My memory is fried and it just seems so easy to roll down my car window and lean out to look in the mailbox on the way home.  It’s just a smidgen easier than chasing you over two neighborhoods because you’ve gotten that little taste of freedom to walk 50 yards from me and have decided to make a run for it.

I am so very sorry that I have to be (as you so eloquently put it) a meanie.  I do understand how you could want to brush your teeth with my moisturizer….I really do.  Oil of olay looks like it would be minty fresh, but I have some serious reservations about your judgment here.

Finally, I am ever so sorry that you cannot drink Pepsi.  I made that mistake with your brother when he was four and I’m pretty sure he is still suffering from a sugar high a decade later.

There you have it.  My sincerest apologies to my youngest son.  Feel free to add your own apologies in the comments section if you have somehow wronged your children.



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