My Ideal Movie

My Ideal Movie

Today is Tim Curry’s birthday.  Dr. Frank N. Furter is 70 today.  Every time I see a Tim Curry meme or news article, it takes me right back to childhood.  Many moons ago when Kevin Costner’s movie, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, was released, my brother and I had this huge debate over whether Tim Curry played Sheriff Nottingham in it.  And then it was as if Tim Curry was an actor in every cool movie we ever loved: It, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Home Alone II, The Three Musketeers….and some fun television shows, too.  In our family he was the single most ubiquitous actor of all time.

The news of his birthday got me thinking…….as much as I love the many characters he has played, I especially love those that are over the top and caricature-like, I wonder what it would be like to take Curry from his younger days and throw into a movie with other actors and actresses I have loved.  Imagine it now…..

Robin Williams, Kathy Bates, Michael Keaton, Bill Murray, Geena Davis, and Calista Flockhart with Tim Curry…..of course, there’s so many personalities there that I’m not sure a single screen could hold them all.  As you can tell from that list of names, I like big, bold, quirky characters so my movie would be like an episode of Ally McBeal or Arrested Development on steroids.  But, boy, it would be fun.  I would have to watch it in the theater and order an advanced copy so I could be one of the first to get the DVD.


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