Growing a Green Thumb

I’m excited.  It may seem minor to you, but it’s a huge stinking deal to me.  I have resuscitated a plant.  Okay, I nearly killed it before but we’re just going to ignore that little detail.  We can’t be bothered with trivial bits like the fact I left it outside to get “sunshine” and then forgot it overnight when temps were in the 30s.

Let’s focus on the positive here.

I brought in my house plant (don’t ask me what type of plant….I’ve not evolved to that point yet.  It’s green with leaves in a hanging basket.  Nuff said.)  at the brink of death.  Vines of it along with the accompanying leaves had turned black.  It was bad.  But I snipped off every thing that looked black and just left the few bits that still remained healthy.

I’ve treated her with tender loving care.  I’ve watered; I’ve given sunlight; I’ve read her poetry; I even almost bedazzled her to show her how much I cared.  But I thought that may be a bit much….just a bit.  Now she looks like she is growing and green and healthy.  Perhaps she’s ready for a bit of bedazzling now.



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