A Football Post by a Nonfootball Fan

I am not a football fan.  Most weeks this is inconsequential, but on Super Bowl Sunday it nears blasphemy…..especially when the local team is in the Super Bowl.  I don’t hate football.  Not a hater at all…in fact, at this moment I have one eye on the computer and the other on the television watching the big game.  I’m just apathetic, more or less. 

However, I certainly have grown to appreciate it over the years. While watching it on television, I see the complexity of the game.  Everyone has a role.  Not everyone is a receiver.  Not everyone is a kicker.  And certainly, not everyone is a quarterback.  If someone is not doing their job, it costs the entire team.  Players at the professional level don’t try to jump from position to position.  They understand they cannot do everything.  They understand their role in the team’s success.


How true is that of Christians.  Again and again we are called the body of Christ, but not all of us are arms.  Not all of us are feet.  We each have a role we were destined to play.  1 Corinthians 12 talks about this.  I’ve known plenty of people that were multitalented.  They could sing, teach, cook, encourage, and lots more.  Often we expect others to use the gifts God gave them, and that is good.  Obviously, God equipped us with these skills and talents for a reason….to be used.

There is no doubt we are intended to use the gifts we are given.  However, I think it’s important to remember that God has also equipped others with many of the same gifts.  If we can do something, we believe we should.  But sometimes, it’s not our role.  Sometimes we are to support rather than take the lead.  If we can teach, we can sing, we can write, we can serve, we can plan, we can organize, it is tempting to think we are to do it all.  But that may not always be what we are called to do.

You don’t see Cam Newton or Peyton Manning throwing the ball, then running down the field to catch it.  You don’t see Luke Kuechly punting the ball, blocking a blitz, and receiving a ball. And we are not meant to be a one-man (or woman) show at a church, in a mission, at work, or in our homes.  Regardless of how talented or gifted we are, we are never so important as to be the one who needs to do it all.  We need to listen closely to God to find our role in a given situation and at a given time and dedicate ourselves to that.  Then we need to stay in tune to God’s voice to be aware of when that role changes so we can utilize a different gift and fulfill another role.


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