Two Topics, One Post — and a warning about profanity

It just feels right to repost my blog entry from a year ago. Still brings tears to my eyes to read it.

Adventures in Perfection

Okay, so two things to get off my writer’s chest today.  And we need to get something straight from the get-go.  There will be profanity in this post.  And a lot of writing about God.  Yes, it seems paradoxical, perhaps, to so easily combine the two, but masks are about to come off and things are about to get real.  You may want to be prepared — or at least have the choice to close this out and pretend like you’ve never seen it.

As I’ve shared in my “About Me” page and the title of this blog.  I strive to be a great wife, mom, teacher, friend, daughter, Christian, etc., etc.  (The list can go on and on.)  However, the reality is most days I suck.  I try to juggle too much and I can’t keep it all together.  And when I do manage to juggle well, I do…

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