Wisdom is Not a Happy Thing – Ecclesiastes

As I have mentioned before, this is the year I am conscientiously looking for wisdom.  I think over the past two and a half years, I have become another person.  Many wonderful and great things have happened in my life, but there have been struggles.  In fact, there are struggles — it’s not a past tense thing.  And, unfortunately, struggles are yet to come.

My oldest son is 14.  I pray daily for a number of things for him.  Two of these always on my list are 1.  his relationship with Christ; 2. his health.   I also pray many nights that I will not want to throw him through a window…..he is 14 after all.  (By the way, I also pray for my youngest son, but the prayers are often different.)

In a nutshell, I am praying that God blesses my son and I with the same thing: wisdom.

But then I read Ecclesiastes 1 and I want to hesitate to say such a prayer for my son.  Ecclesiastes 1:18 says, “For in much wisdom is much vexation, and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.”   I look back on my life and I realize the reason why I have become another person is because I am stronger, wiser.  It was the struggles that molded me into this wiser, better version of myself.  If all had been hunky-dory, I would not be the me of today.  And then I realize as much as I wish I didn’t experience the pain and disappointment, that is where the growth occurred.

Therefore, as much as I want to protect, shield, and guard my son, I cannot.  It does not benefit him.  It keeps him in an immature faith.  I want his health protected.  I want his health good.  I want him to avoid hernia surgeries, and heart surgeries, and orthopedic surgeries, but I can’t protect him from everything.  I’ve got to give him the basics and then hope the hard stuff, the tough things, the no-so-happy things, transform to wisdom….for him and for me.


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