Updates from NIH

So got some lab reports from our visit to the NIH.  Most were not surprising.  Eddie’s milk allergy was in the 6 range which is a class 3 allergy.  While I wish it were lower, the reality is this is much better than where he was when he was a toddler.  At 2 years old, his milk allergy was in the 20s so getting to 6 leads us to believe he is outgrowing it.  This is wonderful news.  All other foods they tested (egg, shrimp, crab, lobster, and banana) were class 2 allergies.  He has demonstrated symptoms to banana before, but this is the first time it has shown up on the test.

The doctor believes it still may be because he has a ragweed allergy which causes him to react to banana.  The banana reaction may actually be more of a phenomenon called oral allergy syndrome.

The DEXA scan reports indicated he has weak bones.  At this point, they are not restricting his activity.  However, I got the feeling this may be the case in the future.  Certainly he is at a risk above the “normal” population for fractures based on this.


The doctor would like to have him increase his calcium intake by foods (it was recommended he have 4 cups of soy milk per day) or supplements as well as taking a vitamin D supplement to help strengthen his bones.  He will have a repeat scan and blood work when we return in a year.

We will have our consultation for assistive hearing devices in a couple of weeks.


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