Day 3 — Lots of Learning

Today’s appointments:  Endocrinology (both), Dental (Rick), Gastro (both), Intake history and interview (Eddie and me).

Today’s discoveries:  1. Having a first appointment at 8:30 am is rare and a Godsend.  2. Everything will need to be confirmed by testing, but Eddie will likely be on a calcium and vitamin D supplement.  They suspect his levels are somewhat low due to the LDS and his milk allergies.  The endocrinologist wants Eddie to limit sodas to 1 per day and if possible, not a brown one.  She also wants him to have 4 glasses of soy or almond milk per day as it has as much calcium as dairy.  3.  It seems that LDS patients who have severe food allergies like Eddie often have more issues with osteoporosis and osteopenia.  However, his lack of fractures to this point lead us to hope he may be an exception.  4.  Eddie doesn’t appear to have any of the gastrointestinal issues many LDS patients — including Rick — have.  5.  Rick does have TMJ, but it has not limited the use of his jaw so they do not recommend any interventions. 6. We will be creating a plan to walk Eddie through building more of a tolerance to milk.  At this point, they want him to stop ingesting milk and egg and set up this plan.  He has been tolerating milk and egg in baked forms, but has had some minor reactions in some cases.  Additionally, he has been eager to experiment with these foods that were off limits at one time.  He is running a high risk for a reaction with this.  7.  He will be given an epipen and an inhaler here to have for emergencies.  They also went through the guidelines for when to use the epipen — when more than one body system is involved or any time breathing is involved.  8.  There is some concern about epipens being used on LDS patients because epipens affect the arteries and veins.  However, this is a theoretical risk and nothing has been documented of epinephrine causing aortic dissections.  9.  We hope to have Eddie looked at by an ENT here before the end of the week as they are concerned about an ear infection.

Tomorrow will be an equally long day, but will start much earlier.  I’m going to need lots of coffee.


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