Day 2 – Hearts and Hopkins

We were able to maneuver planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Baltimore and back.  That is a blog post all to itself.

The day’s appointments:  MRA (Eddie), CT (Rick), echos (Rick and Eddie), cardiologist (Rick and Eddie).

The day’s discoveries:

  • Eddie seriously needs valium to make it through an MRA.  That is good stuff.  And if insurance is a problem, a couple of tablets are cheap enough you can pay for it out of pocket….hypothetically speaking.
  • If you ever have to go to Hopkins, make sure you don’t leave your confirmation papers at home so you don’t go to numerous wrong locations before someone takes pity on you and gets you headed in the right direction…..hypothetically speaking.
  • The preliminary reports on the guys’ scans were positive.  Specifically, Rick’s scans are checking the vascular tree of his body chest through feet.  Eddie’s scans are checking the vessels in his chest, abdomen, and pelvis.  These findings are preliminary.  We will know for certain once the doctors receive a final, thorough report later in the week.
  • Rick’s medication will be increased back to a dosage he had previously received.  There was some concern that he was not tolerating the higher dosage, but Dr. Dietz felt good about moving him back.
  • Eddie did not receive a good echo report.  His aorta has grown around 3 mm since our last visit to Hopkins in April 2014.  It is now at 3.65 cm.  He said if this rate of growth continues, we are looking at heart surgery in 2 years.  Therefore, we are changing his medication.  He will now be taking the same medicine and dosage Rick also will be taking.  At this weight, the doctor believes Eddie can handle a full adult dose.
  • Eddie now weighs around 113 lbs
  • No more big roller coasters for Eddie (in all honesty, this was more bothersome to him than hearing his aneurysm was larger).
  • We will return in 6 months to make sure the change in medication is working.

I’m tired.  I’m glad it’s not worse, but I wish there was no change.


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