I’m Just a New Testament Kind of Girl

So I continue trudging through Isaiah.  Yes, I’ve been on this book for nearly 2 months.  Yes, I managed to read more of the Bible in a month than I’ve managed to get through this one book within it.  Yes, I’ve jumped around to other books. Yes, I know it is totally ridiculous to still be on Isaiah.  I know, I know, I know.  I’ve beaten myself up enough already.


Isaiah…..the prophet that proclaims the coming Messiah….the whole “Unto us a child is born….”  That’s good stuff.  Why is this so stinking hard for me?  I tried reading it….but I can’t stay focused.  I tried listening to it in the car…..but my mind again wonders.  What is it about Isaiah and these prophets that’s killing my journey through the Bible?  I might as well be back in Hosea again…..ugh.  Genesis may not have been my favorite reading material, but I could connect at least.  Those quintessential stories kept me focused…..that and the fact of all that womanizing would get my blood boiling.  Any hoo…..

I sent a message to my friend who is reading with me.  Thankfully, it appears she is equally stuck in these prophets with me.  This was our conversation, “Why is Isaiah kicking my ass?  Why?  Why?  Why?”  (This type of language should come as no surprise to anyone that has read my blog for any length of time so I shall no longer bother with disclaimers…..remember, heart of a saint, mouth of a sailor.)  Her response, “Because he is a prophet.  Before Jesus.  Everything before Jesus was just awful.”

She is so right.  That is it.  Everything before Jesus was just awful.  Salvation by legalism.  Awful.  Animal sacrifices.  Awful. Prophets.  Awful.  The list could go on and on and on.  That is why I long to return to new testament books.  I want to read of grace and mercy and healing and forgiveness and love and of a resurrected savior and of miracles and of a living, breathing messiah that walked among us. I want to hear of a world that was transformed and turned upside down.  I want to be reminded that there is power in surrender.  I want to see that good wins in the end.  I want to know that everything and everyone can be changed because of Jesus….. even me.  The reality is I’m a New Testament kind of girl…..but really, with that kind of message, aren’t we all?!

My soul longs for good news so I shall feed it that.  I am giving up on Isaiah….not for forever.  Just for now.  I’m headed to Acts.


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