Day 20 – Genesis chapters 6-10 – The Great Flood

So much has happened.  Hundreds of years, at least, have passed.  Noah built and boarded the ark with his sons, the great flood occurred, and then the waters receded.  Noah left the ark and became a farmer of grapes.

While reading about those days before, during, and following the great flood, I was reminded of how many religions and cultures throughout history and the world tell a story of a great flood.  There are a number of theories about a great flood in ancient times.  I tend to believe with a story that crosses cultures and religions, there is some truth to it.  There’s so much people argue and debate when it comes to religious texts, so it’s nice to think we have something in common.

Islam, Native American belief systems, mythology… can list example after example where the flood is mentioned or explained.  Obviously, there are differences between faith systems.  There has to be differences…..otherwise, why would I be Christian while someone else is Muslim and someone else is Hindu.  But, how nice it is to consider just how much we have in common.  So many wars have been fought in the name of religion.  Families have been divided in the sake of religion.  A lot of horrible, horrible things have been done in the name of religion and from trying to argue who is right.  However, if we could spend some time focusing on what we have in common, we could do a lot of amazing things and much reconciliation could occur.


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