Day 18 – Genesis 1-3 Back to the Beginnings

Yes, many people would begin reading the Bible like any other book…..starting with the first page and working through to the end.  But no.  I’m just now getting to Genesis.

Oh how I love Paul.  I want to read all of his letters.  And when I finish, I want to go back and read them again.  And again.  And again.  Especially Philippians.  Not really eager to head back to the Old Testament, but it needs to be done.  And if I need to go back to the OT, Genesis with all of its rich stories of my childhood seems like a great place to go.

The stories of creation, Noah, Abraham, Jacob and Esau…….I could go on and on.  I remember being a little girl curled up under the covers of my bed while my dad read me these stories from my illustrated children’s bible story book.  These were just as exciting and fun to me as listening to Green Eggs and Ham.  So Genesis holds a lot of promise.

As I read the first three chapters of Genesis, I realized the problem is narrowing down my focus on just one thing to write about or one verse to contemplate.  There’s just so much to learn from or be reminded of or just to wonder.  But today, I’m going to focus on Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  As I read all about the creation and the narrative of God creating the entire world and its inhabitants in six days, I just can’t help but be confused.  Not by the story.  But why religion and science don’t get along better.


Well, it’s not really that religion and science disagree.  It’s people that disagree.  Why does one need to be so dogmatic about the idea of creationism or evolution?  Why must it be either/or?  Why can’t it be both/and?  Many people on both ends of the spectrum refuse to believe their is any other possibility.  The idea of seven literal days is either totally right or totally wrong.  But why isn’t it possible for God to have created the Big Bang?  Perhaps it was Him saying “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) which initiated the Big Bang and set everything in motion?  Why does a day have to be 24 hours in the Bible?  Why couldn’t it be millions of years based on our modern-day perspective?

I don’t understand why the idea of evolution or the Big Bang and creative design cannot coexist.  So much of the Bible is metaphorical, analogy, parable……why must we believe everything about the creation story has to be instantaneous and literal?  God exists outside of time anyhow so why would we ever be stuck in the notion that God was punching a clock in a 24 hour day?

Perhaps the universe was created by haphazard Big Bang.  Perhaps the universe was created by a god that weaved it all together using only words.  But why isn’t it possible that it was a little of both?  And why, in the grand scheme of things, do we feel so compelled to know the answer?  Perhaps it’s the not knowing with any degree of certainty that makes it such a wondrous thing.


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