Day 12 – Amos 3-6 – Being Quiet

So I am trying to knock out Amos pretty quickly, too.  I think I’ve made it clear with these minor prophets that I prefer messages of hope and love to these messages of warning of impending disaster.  But even though these are harder to read, there’s obviously lots of messages for me today.

My focus verse for day 12 is Amos 5:13, “Therefore, a careful and sensible person will keep quiet in such times, because the times are evil.”  I think we have to be careful with this verse.  There are times when we must take a stand for good, for injustice, for those who have no voice.  However, we have to temper this with the reality that not every battle is ours to fight.

There was a time in my life when I would debate anything and everything.  If I saw anyone’s opinion on social media that differed from mine, I felt it was my duty to show them the error of their thinking or actions.  In my marriage, every time I disagreed with my husband, I felt an obligation to tell him my opinion on the issue.  When my children were making bad choices, I felt the need to swoop in and rescue them by forcing them to make another choice.  But all of these efforts were so futile and ignorant.  And because I shared my opinion on EVERYTHING, no one wanted to listen to me about the things that really mattered to me.  Every topic got equal playing time from me.

At this point in my life, I becoming more aware that “a careful and sensible person will keep quiet…”  I want to be a careful and sensible person.  I want when I do choose to speak to matter.  This is a hard lesson for me, but when I practice being quiet in my relationships in most times, my relationships improve.  I am less critical.  I am happier.  It is not as if I no longer have opinions.  I do.  I just don’t see the need to debate everything anymore.  I am realizing many people only change their opinions through experiencing their decisions first….not my words.


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