Day 364


As one year ends and another begins, you can hear conversation after conversation about resolutions.  One year ago I made a resolution to try something new every day and blog about it here.  Like most resolutions, I didn’t keep it up all year, but I was faithful for six months.  That’s not too bad.

Now at day 364, Word Press sent me a really neat report of my year’s statistics….how many views I had, which of my posts were the most popular, etc., etc.  I shared it in my blog so you can see it, too, just in case you were curious.  But the really interesting thing to me is just looking back and reflecting on the year and it’s experiences.

On day 1 I anticipated a year of wild abandon… air balloon riding, traveling to interesting locals, belly dancing, eating exotic foods, you get the point.  Really, there was very little of these events.  Let’s be honest…..wild abandon costs money and on a teacher salary with a teenager’s cell phone bill and toddler’s daycare tuition, there’s not a lot of room for wild abandon in the budget.  I’ve tried some new recipes and restaurants ….. a lot of these because I really love food ….. I’ve seen some interesting movies, I’ve listened to music I would not have given a chance otherwise, and I’ve attempted a few crafts which is really outside my comfort zone.  But the most interesting daily challenges were those that involved others…..providing a mini loan to a woman who owns a small business on the other side of the world, resisting the urge to micromanage and control those around me, saying “I love you” to others, being complimentary to everyone I came in contact with, participating in my son’s rededication of his baptism at church, and so on.

I did not succeed in trying something new and blogging about it every day, but I am left changed by this experience and the year of 2014.  Growth is uncomfortable.  Even in physical growth as the body changes rapidly, we are left with physical pain.  Growth cannot be achieved in ease, comfort, and pleasure.  2013 and 2014 were years of growth for me, but looking back at it all now from this vantage point, I am now at ease.  I am at peace.  I am content.  I know it won’t stay this way forever.  Change….and growth is inevitable for everyone.  But I know I’m stronger, more centered, and more self-aware now than 364 days ago.

I look forward to 2015.  I’ve already chosen my resolution.  I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me and read all about it here.


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