Laura’s Favorite Things

I remember when Oprah had her talk show and everyone sat around their television set in November waiting on her “Favorite Things” list to be revealed.  While she may no longer gift an entire studio audience with cars, she’s still producing an annual list published in her magazine.

With Christmas time around the corner and all the gift-giving at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it made me think about what would be on my favorite things list if I were Lady O.  You can breathe a sigh of relief, because I can assure you that unlike Oprah’s list this year, mine will not contain more than 70 items.

Here they are in no certain order……Announcing Laura’s Favorite Things 2014……

1.  Vintage 50’s style dresses.  These look fantastic on any woman’s figure as they cinch the waist and flare out.  If you have a portrait collar and a pearl necklace, all the better.  Thank you Mad Men for pointing out that great classics never really go out of style.

2.  Locally produced honey.  I use this magic stuff for everything. I put it in my coffee to sweeten it naturally, I put it on pancakes rather than the fake mass produced syrup sold in grocery stores, and I make sure to get it in one form or another daily to help manage my allergies naturally.

3.  Shakeology.  My friend introduced me to this gem.  Monthly, I receive a shipment of my breakfast shake.  Half the box is vegan tropical strawberry while the other half is vegan chocolate.  Do yourself a favor and just get the chocolate.  It’s helped me to lose a dress size, fills me up, and gives me energy all day long.

4.  Nabi 2 Tablet.  I was first introduced to this product a number of years ago when my niece got one.  Because our toddler is constantly begging to play with our phones, we thought the Nabi would be great to have for traveling, waiting for appointments, and other times when toddlers are forced to sit.  We were right.

5.  Dry Shampoo.  I had heard about this from numerous people, but my friend let me try it.  This product is the best thing since sliced bread.  It prevents me from having to wash and condition my hair every single day.  Best thing ever.

6.  Red sequin slippers.  I bought these on a whim and I’m so glad I did.  I smile every time I look at them.  Sequins make me happy.  Red sequins and I can barely stand it.

7.  The book The Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs.  Makes me laugh.  Until I cry.  And nearly pee in my pants.  Yes, it’s that funny.

8.  Cream eyeshadow.  I didn’t even give this product a try until recently.  So glad I did.  Sheer perfection.

9.  A big statement ring.  Since I’m a Premier Designs independent distributor, I have my choice of these.  My favorite is called Color Theory.  It is silver with multiple small colored crystals in it.  And it is big.  You notice it when you see someone wearing it.

This is my list of favorites!  What would be on yours?


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