Mr. Grinch Not Welcome Here

I love Christmas decorations.  I love a lot of things about Christmas…..the music, the family gatherings, hiding gifts from my kids, but decorations are my favorite. Typically it is all I can do to contain my excitement and not drag the tree out of our storage building as soon as Halloween is over.  But my husband HATES getting it all out.  He’s one of these people that thinks there should be no mention of Christmas until the turkey and gravy of Thanksgiving are cold.   Fa la la la la BLAH!  He usually manages to hold me off until the day after Thanksgiving but not one minute more.  He helps me put boxes into and out of the storage building, but his tree trimming obligations end there.  He even had “I promise to not make you watch endless hours of football if you promise never to make me put the star on the top of the tree” in our marriage vows.

This year, however, I have wrestled with the world’s longest and most irritating cold/asthma flare up ever.  Seeing as how our storage building is practically the next county over and I had to use my flippin inhaler just to take the dishes out of the dishwasher, dragging multiple boxes of Christmas decor into the house just didn’t seem feasible.  So this year, I’m late….I’m late…..for a very important date.  Christmas tree trimming time!!!!!

We finally got the boxes into the house yesterday afternoon.  E helped me spread out the branches and he put the tree together while I “fluffed up” the branches.  Really, I don’t say it enough but my teenager’s heart is made of pure gold.  He knows how much his mama loves decorating the tree so he feigns interest while sneaking in plays of the newest app on his Ipod.  All the while he wears a smile on his face. He is a gem, really.

By the time the tree was assembled, E’s poor allergies were going nuts from all the boxes and the storage building so he was banished to his room with kleenex and benadryl.  By this time, the toddler, D, was up from his “long winter’s nap” so things were about to get interesting…..

I wasn’t quite sure if he’d have any interest in hanging ornaments or if he would just confuse them with the dog’s tennis ball and colored glass balls would go soaring across the room.  Or….perhaps he wouldn’t yet have the motor skills and dexterity to hang them from branches and one after the next would come crashing down along with my hopes of the perfect tree.  It was a crap shoot, really.

Either way I was determined not to be a Grinch about it.  No matter how things looked in the end…..even if all the ornaments were located within a two inch square of the lower right corner of the tree, I was not going to critique, suggest, or move them.  (My Type A personality is breaking into a cold sweat at just the thought of this.  You may need to excuse me if I suddenly take a break to take my emergency prozac that I keep around the house for occasions such as this.)

Well, D and I had a wonderful time decorating the tree.  He handled the lower half of the tree with unbreakable ornaments (or at least I thought they were unbreakable…..two proved to be otherwise.  May they rest in peace.) while I tended to the top half of the tree with the breakable, nostalgic, irreplaceable ornaments.  I think all in all it worked out.  And D kept jumping up and down yelling “I did it!”  after he hung each one.  And he kept saying, “I like Christmas.”  It really was too sweet.



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