Dr. Russian-love-triangle-why-does-this-movie-go-on-forever?

I have often heard of the movie Dr. Zhivago. I know and have sung the song “Somewhere My Love” before. I’ve never watched the movie….until today, that is.

The toddler was down for a nap and my plans were to do as little as possible in those hours so I perched on my bed with the remote in hand. I came across Dr. Zhivago and decided to watch it. Omar Sharif was a handsome man. The scenery in the movie was gorgeous. The struggle of the revolution and war was compelling. Yet it was all so….long. And melodramatic. But I think that’s typical for many romance movies produced during this time period of the 1960s. And I can’t get past the whole married man with a mistress. I cannot feel sympathetic toward cheating characters. I just can’t.

I’m glad I watched it so now I can at least sound somewhat credible when a reference to this movie pops up in conversation (because a reference to Dr. Zhivago comes up in casual conversation at least twice daily, right?) and I enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenes …. especially when Lara and Yuri run off into no man’s land so he can write his poetry. Who knew the harsh Russian winter could be so beautiful? (Perhaps that’s because it wasn’t really filmed in Russia….but let’s not get hung up on such frivolous details.)

Going to have to add some other classics to my list.


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