No, But I Am Good Looking

So this weekend I was gone, gone, gone.  It was a weekend spent with family.  Both Saturday and Sunday I spent the day with my parents.  On Sunday we attended the baptism of my two young cousins.  Their church was very friendly.  Numerous people greeted us, made sure we had bulletins….even handed us a roll of pennies so we could participate in the penny drive/offering for hunger that was a part of the service.

After the service, we exited the church where the pastor, his wife, and many other members made sure to personally greet us and introduce themselves to us.  My parents are very friendly people.  My dad, especially, can get lost in a conversation with someone — particularly when it comes to cars, Christianity, and healthcare.  He’s really one of the most intelligent people I know so he can hold his own in any conversation at all and with anyone.

My mom had moved on to the car, but my dad was still talking with the pastor and his wife.  I went and stood with him.  He finished his conversation and then we began to walk to the car just as another member of the church — an elderly gentleman — stopped us to introduce himself.  He reached out his hand to me and asked me my name.  Then he reached out his hand to my dad and asked his name.  He told us how glad he was we had visited his church and invited us to return.  Then he looked at my dad and said, “Well, you sure do have a good looking wife,”  and looked at me.

Huh?  What the…?

Am I supposed to take this as a compliment or an insult?  Certainly this is a first.  Yes, my parents were quite young when they had me, but not that young.  And how does one react to that without causing bodily harm to an elderly man?

After I picked my jaw off the floor, I absolutely corrected him.  Meanwhile, my dad was laughing so hard he was hyperventilating.  I informed the man that I was not his wife, but that I was his daughter.  “But,” I told him, “you did get one thing right.  I am good looking.”

If any of you would like to donate to my future plastic surgery, I will happily accept your contributions.


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