A Little Music to Lighten the Mood?

I know things were really heavy during my past two posts.  I have got to tackle something a little less exhausting and a little more superficial or I might break in two.  So what did I do?  I decided to enjoy the light sounds of the encouraging message of secret lovers trying to keep the secret.  Yes, much less emotionally brutal.

While on the internet I saw a cover of the currently popular song “Don’t Tell ‘Em.”  I was first introduced to the original by my teenage son.  (I only let him listen to the radio-version.)  You can find it here.

The cover was by Lorde and is an entirely different arrangement with a whole different feel to it.  I love, love, love Lorde’s voice.  It’s rich and deep.  Very unique in today’s radio waves.  But I can’t handle watching her sing.  It’s as if she is in pain…..or having convulsions…..or possessed by a demon.  It’s just bizarre.  And then she makes some odd choices in her appearance like having her nails shaped to be claw-shaped.   I can deal with the strange cosmetic choices, but her body movements are so distracting to me that I have a hard time hearing her.

Here’s the video of Lorde’s cover.

Video may kill the radio star, indeed.


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