Visiting Old Friends is Something New

A few weeks ago, a sorority sister of mine got in touch with me via facebook to request some info about my jewelry business.  We had been in contact on facebook here and there, but this request was pleasantly surprising.  She and I had seen each other a handful of times since college, but even that was more than 15 years ago.  Therefore, seeing my sorority sister….someone who nearly two decades ago lived just a few doors down from me… still considered something new.

She lives about an hour and a half from me, so I was thrilled to use my jewelry as an excuse to visit.  We sat and caught up on our families, our jobs…..old relationships and friendships.  In her hallway, she had pictures from our sorority days.  It was a blast from the past to see myself all those years ago in her picture.

Like myself, she works in public education so we had much to discuss from recent days.  I met a friend and coworker of hers, as well.  Hello, old friend.  Old friend meet new friend.

It was so much fun talking and catching up for hours….literally hours.  And what a relief to see that neither of us had aged.


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