A Teacher of a Different Kind

I read of a website in a news article a few days ago.  This website, called Udemy, allows people to create and take online courses on a variety of topics. Today I signed up for and took my first Udemy course.  It was a free course….as is a number of the courses.  The course I took was on how to create a Udemy course.

I signed up to be a student and an instructor.  Many of the courses seem to be technology based.  In fact, in that original article I read a few days ago, a young professional created several courses about writing programs to create apps.  It was discussing the sudden success he had experienced through this format.

I am a teacher…..a middle school teacher.  In the 15 years I’ve been teaching, technology has changed drastically and become a ubiquitous presence.  I love it.  I have often toyed with the idea of teaching some online classes or tutoring through online education.  This seems like a good introduction.  However, in most cases when you teach an online class you are told what to teach.  In this case, the sky is the limit.  So, not only do I have to decide how to deliver the content.  I have to decide the content.

What to teach?  What to teach?  What to teach?

Blog writing?  That was funny.  Fashion?  Perhaps.  Food allergy cooking?  That holds some promise.  Teaching about teaching…..hmm.  Is that ridiculous?  I bet there are homeschool parents or maybe rookie teachers that might be looking for resources and ideas.  Ehh…..I just don’t know yet.

I suppose this is a first to be continued.


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