Do Re Mi

For years I have sat on the sidelines of fields and watched my son play sports — soccer, baseball, basketball, golf.  That time has been somewhat bittersweet because we have always known that eventually he would not be able to play sports anymore because of the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.  Additionally, while I have always beamed with pride watching him, I didn’t readily identify with that experience because I’ve never been much of an athlete myself.

I was the “artsy fartsy” type.  I was in every choral competition I could find to enter and even went to choral camp one summer while others were at cheerleading or volleyball camp.  I loved taking art class and yearbook… get the point.  While I was never one to shine on a field or court, I could excel in the arts.

That’s one of the many reasons it was so special to watch E perform tonight at our school’s choral concert.  He had auditioned for and been chosen as a member of the school’s show choir.  Tonight was the fall concert.

I was blown away by the talent in that middle school ensemble.  Such beautiful harmonies.  As I listened to them sing in a foreign language and sing songs that were both secular and sacred, I was moved to tears.  Really.  I had to fight to keep my composure I was so proud and so moved.

There are many many times I’ve been a proud mama, but tonight was the first time it was due to a middle school choral concert.


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