I’m a terrible, terrible blog writer.  Well, my writing might be okay but my frequency stinks.  Things were going so well…..and then…..well, life happens.  In the time I have neglected writing regularly, my jewelry business has grown considerably, my husband was hospitalized, the doctors can’t agree on his medication, (he’s home now and all is well thus far so don’t fret), my toddler has developed a Southern drawl that is more exaggerated than an episode of Hee Haw, we returned to school, I am the parent of a — gasp — 8th grader AND teenager, I got a classroom set of laptops (seriously, I did a little dance over this), I had a weekend at the beach with a friend, and I bought a new-to-me car. car

I have yet to finish the three books I began this summer because the stress of teaching school this year does not allow me such time nor mental focus.

However, I am super committed to again renewing my commitment to all things new and daily writing.  Be prepared.


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