A Restart – Day 216

Okay, the idea of daily blog writing has completely fallen by the wayside with all that’s gone on in the last 30 days. Baltimore, Ft. Worth, and my husband’s hospital stay….it’s been a whirlwind. And, honestly, I’ve missed some firsts along the way. Oh well….what New Year’s resolution doesn’t get broken at some point? But today seems as good a day as any to pick it up again, right?  Well, picking up today and going back a little to cover some of the other days I did actually get a new thing covered.

One such day was day 216.  I have a friend who completed a recent challenge to get fit.  She changed her nutrition, changed her fitness level, and she changed her outlook.  She was discussing this on Facebook and I was curious about it so I looked it up online.  Before I knew it, I was signing up, too.  And today was starting day.

I’ve begun  meal planning based on nutrition and a balanced diet rather than the usual what’s quick and easy to put on the table.  Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, too.  And then roughly 30 minutes of exercise to go with the diet changes.  And no soda.  And no tea.  And no creamer in my coffee.  That may be the hardest part.  However, there is a delicious protein shake that is part of the meal plan.  If only every meal could be that shake.  Good stuff.


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