Nope, It’s Not a Crepe – Day 211

So yesterday we spent another day in the hospital as Rick got more fluids.  It’s not exactly a place screaming with opportunities for new experiences, but I managed it.  

I went for breakfast in the hospital cafeteria.  I saw a placard with a featured item.  It was a pancake roll up.  A pancake rolled up around cream cheese and strawberries…..yum.  I asked, is that like a crepe?  Nope, it was not.  Crepes are thin.  This was a normal pancake.  

I gave it a try.  What’s not to love?  Pancakes, strawberries, cream cheese, and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.  Winning.

It definitely was not a crepe.  It was a thick pancake, but it was very fluffy and spongy.  The cream cheese wasn’t exactly just cream cheese.  It was strawberry cream cheese.  When it was in the pancake, the pancake basically melted the cream cheese to make it liquidy.  So the texture was a little odd, but it was still really good.  Very tasty.


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