S’mores deliciousness – Day 208

I have yet to meet a person who disliked s’mores. Even those who seem to be apathetic toward chocolate (I know….shocking, but those people actually exist) smile at the thought of the campfire dessert.

I remember my first time eating s’mores.  I was at a daycamp for Girl Scouts.  We had s’mores as our afternoon snack.  I remember being simply amazed as I witnessed the squares of Hershey’s chocolate bar begin to lightly melt when smooshed next to the golden brown marshmallow.  Even before I tasted it, I knew I would love it.  Graham crackers, chocolate, toasted marshmallows…..really what’s not to love?

I often browse the internet for different takes on this flavor combination….s’mores brownies, pie, cheesecake…..even a cheeseball.  It all looked yummy, but tonight I made my own creation.  S’mores cupcakes.  s'mores cupcakes


I baked devil’s food cake cupcakes.  After I took them out of the oven and let them cool for only a minutes or two so they were still considerably warm, I used a scoop to dig a small hollow in the center of each cupcake.  I then placed a marshmallow in the hollowed center.  The cake was still warm so the marshmallow became soft and some slightly melted.  Once the cupcakes were cooled, I iced them with a milk chocolate frosting then I topped them with graham cracker crumbles.

While they were really good, they didn’t capture the flavor of s’mores the way I would’ve hoped.  I think it would have been better if I took a small square of a chocolate bar and placed it in the hollow of the cupcake with the marshmallow, it would have helped to make a better recreation.  Even though it didn’t taste just like a s’more, it was still tasty.


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