Working Backwards – Day 207

Because I’ve gotten so far behind I’m going to take a new approach. I’m going to just jump to today. If I get an opportunity, I’ll take a step back to cover days that I’ve missed.  I guess we just start from today and work backward when I can.

Okay, so for today….I began a new book. My pastor is loaning it to me.  It’s called How Children Succeed by Paul Tough.  book

This book focuses on the qualities of character that helps children succeed in life.  While I’ve just browsed through the book and began reading the first few pages, it appears that the premise of the book is that character determines success more than intelligence or other factors AND that character is something that can change and develop over time.  Moreover, character is something that can be learned.

As a teacher and a parent, I totally agree with this mentality so I’m very interested in reading more of this book.


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