Milkshakes and Getting Back on Track – Day 196

I have totally neglected my blogging lately. With our trips here, there, and everywhere I have yet to get caught up and blogging has been on the back burner, but this is it…..recommitted and refocused. Going to catch up on all my firsts and get back on track.

In the South, we love Cook Out.  It’s a drive-thru, fast food chain restaurant.  I’ve eaten a few things here and there ….. onion rings, fries, chicken, BLTs ….. but that’s not why one goes to Cook Out.  In going to Cook Out, one’s primary motivation is always the milkshakes.  These are thick and rich and yummy.  They serve them with both a straw and a spoon.  They have actual whole food ingredients, not that crappy fake flavoring.

My favorite is the peanut butter fudge.  You need to understand, there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for the classic peanut butter-chocolate combination.  My taste buds outweigh my sensibility and humility in most cases where pb and chocolate are involved.  And these flavors soothe my soul.

Last year, when Rick had his second heart surgery, I had a hotel room a few miles from the hospital.  I would stay at the hospital all day and go to the hotel to get some sleep.  On my way to the hotel room is when I would succumb to my fears, my anger, my negativity and I would cry.  Not a dainty little prissy cry, but an ugly, can’t speak, look like a red-faced, pig-nosed monster sob where snot is in competition with tears to drop off your chin first.  And I would pass Cook Out which was a block before the hotel.  I would stop crying long enough to be able to talk into the drive-thru speaker that I wanted a peanut butter fudge milkshake.   Then I would drown my emotions in the creamy richness of it all and I would shamelessly lick the peanut butter off the sides of the cup.

I tell you all this to help you understand how challenging today’s first was.  I went to Cook Out and actually ordered a milkshake that did not contain peanut butter or chocolate.  Shocking.

During the months of July and August, the restaurant offers a watermelon milkshake.  Just the thought of watermelon flavor with a creamy texture grossed me out.  I love watermelon but only the fruit or in Jolly Rancher candies.  That’s it.  I have long been intrigued by the idea of watermelon milkshake, but nervous about trying it as it sounded disgusting to me.  But today I did it.

Eh.  Much ado about nothing.  It was a vanilla milkshake with chunks and pieces of frozen watermelon. Nothing more.  The flavors really didn’t mesh together.  Was it horrible?  Absolutely not.  I ate all of it.  But was it the best thing ever?  Nope. However, I’ll be going back to my old friend, peanut butter and fudge, next time.


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