I Get To Do This – Day 195


While at the jewelry conference, one of the speakers talked about joy.  In fact, that was the theme for the entire conference.  This one specific speaker provided a challenge to all of us in the audience which was profound for me.

She said we should stop saying, “I have to” do this or that.  Instead we should change our words to “I get to” do this or that.  Laundry?  Yes, I get to do that.  Taxes?  Yes, I get to pay them.  Grocery shopping?  Yes, I get to do that.

The idea is that when we change our words we begin to change our perspective on life and those things we once saw as drudgery becomes a privilege and something for which we should be thankful.  Laundry….how lucky am I that I have clothes to wash?  How lucky am I to have clean water to wash my clothes with running straight into my house?  Taxes …. I have a job and money therefore I am so lucky to be able to pay taxes.  And being that my husband and I are both teachers, we are so thankful for taxes since it pays our bills.  Grocery shopping … there are so many people who are hungry and have to go without.  How lucky are we?

So on this day, I gave it a try.

I decided I would not utter the words, “I have to” at all today.  Not even “I need to” do this or that.  I would attempt to view everything as a privilege.  I would be thankful.  Perhaps this would be a good one for all of us to try.


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