A Date with Security – Day 193

This was the last day of the jewelry conference and the day to travel home. I loved everything about the trip to Texas, but all good things must come to an end.

There were nearly 8,000 jewelry ladies at this conference and many of us were flying out of town on the same day.  Imagine this:  500 jewelry ladies decked out in so much bling that it could nearly be declared a miracle we were able to carry the weight of all those necklaces.  Our earrings were so large, we nearly needed to turn sideways in the metal detector.  And yes, we walked through the metal detector with that jewelry on.  The TSA agents said it would be okay.

Yes, it was okay.  However, that does not mean it did not trigger the alarm.  Therefore, the day’s first was receiving one of the sweet little pat downs by the TSA that you may have heard about on the news.

I specifically asked the security agent if I needed to remove all my jewelry.  As frequently as we’ve traveled this summer, I’ve come to realize that rigorous security standards have different meanings in different airports.  Moreover, they have different meanings within the same airport based on the time of day.  With this in mind, I wanted to keep things moving.  After all, there were as many jewelry ladies behind me in the security line as the entire population of the great Chicago area.  That’s why I asked if I should remove my jewelry.  No, I was told.

And then…..a signal from one TSA agent to another.  The silver linings of the situation:  it was a female TSA agent that gave me the frisking, I only had to be patted down in areas of my body highlighted on the scanning machine (anywhere I was wearing jewelry), and the agent seemed really nice.  However, being that she’s getting to know me somewhat intimately, it would have been nice to know her name or to have her buy me lunch at least.

The female TSA agent finished checking me and then we entered the terminal of the airport.  Thankfully, everything else about our trip home was not exciting.


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