A New Song – Day 194

I am in the Praise Band at my church.  We have just added a new leader to the band.  Troy wants us to push ourselves and try out some new music — music which may be slightly uncomfortable because it’s new and different.  

Today we played the first new song.  It’s a great song called “Beautiful Things.”  You can listen to it here.  The first time Troy played it for us, I knew I loved it.  It was haunting, powerful, and new to me.  I had never heard the song  before that rehearsal.  

We had to work together as a band.  The musicians had to really hash out their notes and chords.  The vocalists had to balance and blend.  It was gorgeous.  

I know we didn’t sound exactly the recording, but it was a song that struck a chord (pardon the pun) with all of us so it was so much fun to sing.  I look forward to singing it again in church.


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