I Can’t Have Texas BBQ-Day 192

So while we were in Texas, Rick and I decided to take some time to ourselves and get away from the jewelry conference so we could have a bit of a date. The hotel concierge recommended dinner at a place called Riscky’s Barbecue.

We took the hotel shuttle to the restaurant.  It was located in a great entertainment and business district in Fort Worth.  The place had a rustic feel — exactly what you would picture in Texas — complete with lots of men in cowboy hats.  We glanced through the menu which was a meat lover’s paradise.  Pulled pork, fried catfish, smoked sausage, and of course, beef brisket.  Beef is Texas’s idea of barbecue — which is blasphemous to a Carolina girl.

Even if I was open to giving Texas BBQ a try, I don’t eat beef.  Therefore, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich.  We got the barbecue sauce in a bottle for us to control the amount on our food.  It came in a Corona bottle.  The sauce tasted like a watery version of ketchup.  Really, the only difference between the ketchup and this sauce was the consistency.  It was very tomato based and sweet.  Not a fan.  Regardless, it was trying something new.  And in the course of the experience I learned that the only place I can simply request barbecue in a restaurant is in North Carolina.


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