I’m Baaaa-ack! – Day 191

I do realize this is a bit late. Again, I went out of town (which led to some great firsts) so it’s catch up time. I’ve been gone, but I’m back and ready to try some new experiences and blog about it.

So on day 191 (Thursday), Rick and I headed off to a national jewelry conference in Texas.  We flew there early in the morning arriving in time to check into the hotel and make it to the start of the afternoon session.  Yes, this was my first national jewelry conference and I heard speakers for the first time and met many people for the first time.  Moreover, it was my first time in Fort Worth.  However, as exciting as these firsts were, it was not the most memorable first for the day.  That occurred on the actual flight.


Sometimes you can just tell when someone is having a tough day.  Perhaps they got bad news, maybe they were up throughout the night with a sick child, maybe its just an incredibly hectic day dealing with difficult people.  Whatever the reason, it is often obvious to those around them that the day has been less than stellar.  That is the vibe I got from the flight attendant on the morning’s flight.

When we get into the air, the flight attendants began their typically drink service.  Just as the flight attendant with the bad day pushed the cart beside our seat, she ran out of coffee and had to leave the cart and return to the galley to get more coffee.   In the meantime, upon leaving her post in the aisle, a gentleman passenger about five rows ahead of me got up out of his seat to go to the restroom.

Keep in mind, there was a bathroom three aisles in front of him.

The gentleman began making his way to the back bathrooms in the plane.  He got to the drink cart and decided to move it while the flight attendant wasn’t there.  So just as if he owned the place, he unlocked the wheels on the cart and began pushing it back the entire length of the plane to the galley while the flight attendant was busy with the coffee not realizing what was happening.  It wasn’t as if I was sitting in row 30 with only 32 rows of seats.  Nope.  I was just behind the wing of the plane.  There were at least 10 more rows of seats behind me.  And this man felt like it was totally cool to unlock the drink cart and push it wherever his bladder deemed necessary.

Realizing this wasn’t normal….much less acceptable, the rest of us in row after row began watching him walk down the aisle pushing that cart until it got to the back of the place.  The flight attendant was inside the galley brewing the coffee.  When she stepped out of the galley into the aisle, a strange man was pushing her drink cart almost blocking her into the galley.

So with nearly 10 rows of passengers turned around to watch the events unfold, we saw the attendant confront the man asking him what he was doing.  Then we were amazed as the man responded with a smile and an explanation of how he had to go to the restroom.  Then we watched the attendant give him a tongue lashing while he stood there grinning and clueless.  And then we began to see the smile disappear from his face as the realization set in that he had done something wrong.



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