The Eyes Have It – Day 190

Nearly a decade ago I had a partially detached retina. Fortunately I caught it in time so there was no noticeable permanent change in my vision. When the doctor found the partially detached retina, it was also discovered that I had a few more retinal holes that had to be addressed for fear that they would lead to more issues with my retina. I had laser surgery to basically seal these holes and prevent any further damage.  After that experience, it was emphasized that I have yearly exams to make sure nothing changed and I had no new holes.

Today, I returned to the eye doctor for my yearly follow up and exam.  What a nice experience when for the first time, I left the doctor with good news.  Outstanding news, in fact.  He said my retinas looked actually improved compared to the last time I had images taken of them in 2012.  Moreover, my vision was unchanged meaning that I did not need new glasses or lenses.  This is the first time I’ve ever been to the eye doctor without a referral to a retinal specialist or without a new prescription.  I don’t mean to sound alarmist or sensationalize my experiences.  It’s not as if they are rushing me to the ER with a detached retina.  But, I’m used to at least a little something needing to be tweaked.  But this time, nothing.  Nada.

I have to return in a year to make sure the trend continues, but this was one medical first that was certainly welcomed.


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