My Day with Liam Neeson and Susan Sarandon – Day 189


One of the best parts of being a teacher and being married to a teacher is our family is on the same schedule. That means in the summer, our time is truly ours and we can spend it doing fun stuff, not-so-fun stuff, or no stuff.

Today Rick and I decided to spend our day together with — gasp — no kids.  We went to a local theatre and watched Tammy.  We had seen the previews on television, and thought it looked funny.  We don’t get to go to a movie often as it usually requires more steps than the military’s protocol for a secret rescue mission……call babysitter, make special grocery trip to have plenty of kid and babysitter-friendly foods, lock all doors to bedrooms that second as attic space/junk storage, actually pick up items that are out of place in all public areas of the house, clean bathroom, prep babysitter on nighttime routine, make sure all medicines and baths are taken before babysitter arrives, go to ATM to have cash to pay babysitter…..I think you get the point.

Since a movie is a rare treat, we wanted to be confident we were making a good choice.  With such stars as Melissa McCarthy, Dan Aykroyd, Susan Surandon, Alison Janney, Kathy Bates, and the list could go on and on, we felt like this was going to be a very entertaining 90 minutes or so.  Rick read some reviews about the movie yesterday and they were not kind.  However, we also realize that reviews don’t always translate to our taste in entertainment.  They are looking at the craft of filmmaking, the writing, analyzing the storyline, etc.  We are looking to escape for a little while and laugh.  As long as you go into this movie with that attitude, you won’t be disappointed.

There were things about the movie that make it definitely not a family film.  However, it had some laughs.  It tugged at your heart strings a little.  It seemed entirely unlikely this could happen in reality.  The characters seemed farfetched.  Again, however, we didn’t have the expectations of having our mind blown by twists and turns in a plot.  We weren’t looking for a movie that made us think or challenged our beliefs and perspective.  We simply wanted to be entertained, and we were.

The movie really centered around the relationship of Tammy and her grandmother.  I liked that the movie focused on this generational gap thereby appealing to a wider audience.  However, I could never really see Susan Sarandon as Melissa McCarthy’s grandmother.  We enjoyed it, nonetheless.

As we were at the movies, E took it upon himself to order a movie on demand.  After a lecture and clarification of expectations when home alone, this evening we watched the movie he ordered.  It was called Nonstop and starred Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.  I could not have chosen a movie more different from the one I’d seen earlier in the day at the theatre.  This was edge-of-your-seat intense.   Here’s the premise:  Liam Neeson is a federal agent on a plane with a lot of baggage in his personal life and past.  Someone is on the plane demanding money and threatening to kill someone every 20 minutes until he/she gets the money.  That is intense enough, but the guilty party has set up everything so it appears to everyone else that Neeson’s character has flipped out and has become a terrorist trying to hijack the plane.

It was a great movie that required much more thinking than Tammy, but it may not have been the best choice considering I will be taking a plane in two days.  Eh…. c’est la vie.  Nonstop was definitely an enjoyable movie.  However, it was wonderful to watch two movies I had never seen before that were so drastically different from each other.


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