So Many Firsts, So Little Time – Day 188

So today was jam packed. Got the toddler ready and took him to daycare, went to work out, got car inspected, renewed tags, prepared jewelry stuff and took off to Asheville for the evening. Several firsts smashed into one day.

First #1: Took off to Asheville alone for the evening. Asheville is a drive that takes between 2.5 and 3 hours from my home so fair to say, this is significant. However, on the way up I got a gorgeous view and the weather was perfect. On my way back down the mountain, I saw villas built into maintain sides with a perfect pink light illuminating them as the sunset. Beautiful.

First #2: I visited a local restaurant – WALK. This is an acronym for West Asheville Lounge and Kitchen. On the outside it appears that it used to be a garage. It sits in a neighborhood which I couldn’t figure out between artsy and slightly scary. It, like much of Asheville, is eclectic. The restaurant had an industrial, yet homey feel mixing duct work in the ceiling and a colored cement floor with wood details, lots of natural light, and interesting art everywhere. It housed a pool table and extensive beer selection while giving kids lots of space to move and even bringing crayons in wooden whale shaped holders. I saw families; I saw couples; I saw working college students; I saw men in grungy tees at the bar. The truth is nearly anyone would fit in well.

First #3: At WALK, I ate street tacos. This was a dish of pork prepared pastor style (not quite sure what that means, if I’m being honest), grilled pineapple, chopped onion, and cilantro. It was served on corn tortillas.tacos

It really did fell like food truck fare. Yumminess without all the pretentiousness of fancy dining. My only complaint is it needed a squirt of lime juice. It was served with a slice of lime, but each taco needed it’s own lime.

First #4:  Got to see two long-time friends that I have not seen in over a decade.  One spent time with me in Asheville.  The other I stopped and visited for a little while on the way home.  Great catching up.  Yes, I know seeing them isn’t a first, but with it being nearly 15 years, I’m totally counting it.

All in all, a fantastic day filled with firsts.


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