Music to My Soul – Day 187

So today I totally had a first in mind. I spent more than 90 minutes watching the movie All About Steve. While it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen (Nacho Libre reserves that honor), it certainly wasn’t an award-winner.

But alas, fate stepped in and brought a much more worthy first to my day.  Part of our nighttime routine with the toddler is to watch a few of his favorite shows before he reads a book, says his prayers, and goes to sleep.  Tonight on one of these shows, the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was played.  Out of nowhere, D began singing this song.  He sang it with confidence and reckless abandon.  We had him sing it again and again and again.  It really was music to my ears, but then when he finished he giggled and that was music to my soul.

Normally, D will say a word here or there in a song, but he knew and sang every single word in this occasion.  And that final line was icing on the cake, “How I wonder what you ARRRRRRRRRRRE!” I do believe the neighbors may have heard it.  And he smiled from ear to ear so proud of himself.  Every single time we sang it tonight he would end by getting in your face and yelling ARRRRRRRRRRRRE.  It was hilarious.

It’s interesting how something we consider cute at 2 is obnoxious in adults.


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