Straight from the Tree – Day 185

As I’ve written about in recent posts, my family recently traveled to Baltimore for the Loeys-Deitz Syndrome Foundation conference and for a medical appointment for my husband at Johns Hopkins. (Now is a great time to point you to the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation website as it provides some really great and accurate information about this rare medical condition my husband and E have: )

This was the third such conference for the organization as LDS was just discovered in 2005.  However, it is amazing to see how much it has grown over those three events.  Our family did not attend the first one in 2010, but we did attend the one in 2012, and of course, this one.  Attendance has multiplied greatly which is wonderful.  In fact, this year’s conference had people attending from multiple nations and every corner of the US.

One family we became friends with at the previous conference lives in Canada.  We have maintained a friendship with them through the use of social media.  The oldest son, Alex, and I have corresponded often with him requesting my assistance with some editing tasks.  At conference Alex brought me my own bottle of Canadian maple syrup.  It was in the most beautiful leaf-shaped glass bottle.  syrup

Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s almost too pretty to open…..almost.  Truthfully, I opened it before today.  I could not resist sampling it.  But today was the first time I used it on a dish.

I made pancakes.  The internet is probably full of of an infinite number of ways to use syrup as an ingredient in some exotic and tasty dishes, but it wasn’t about making this just an ingredient.  I wanted to set the stage for the syrup to get the attention it deserved and pancakes are basic food that does just that.

The syrup was the beautiful buttery color.  It had a nuttiness that was balanced by sweetness.  However, unlike artifical maple-flavored syrups found on local grocery store shelves, it wasn’t sugary sweet or overly sweet.  It had a lightness to it.  I wanted to make more pancakes just so I had an excuse to eat the syrup.  However, I knew the sugar rush would be much too difficult to handle so I put the cap back on and saved it for another day.

This maple syrup coming straight from the maple trees in Canada was amazing.  Thank you so much to Alex for this gift!  My friend is recovering from some pretty serious surgery so sending him some hugs and well-wishes, too.


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