June Recap

We are halfway through the year now, if you can believe that! Here’s a look back at all of June’s firsts before moving on to next month:
1 – own a bag made entirely of duck tape
2 – take the “cold water challenge”
3 – Made hamburger helper from scratch
4 – Made my own marinara pasta sauce
5 – Ate at a Germany restaurant
6 – Went to Ribfest
7 – Had an Ugly Accessories game
8 – Helped with my church’s baptism service
9 – Ordered a lime in my soda
10 – Was completely honest with everyone in all situations.
11 – Ate lemon orzo soup

12 – Spent an afternoon binge watching Friends

13 – Tried Be A Bombshell mascara and butter gloss

14 – Made a wall necklace display

15 – Watched Inception

16 – Worked out triceps

17 – Bought some new clothes

18 – Watching D hit a baseball for the first time

19 – Tried a pb and banana quesadilla

20 – Went to Sports Night in downtown

21 – Set up an email account for son

22 – Straight leg crunches

23 – Tried natural homemade peanut butter

24 – Began reading Divergent

25 – New veggie pizza

26 – Watched a soccer game in the World Cup

27 – Met and talked with a couple of South Africans citizens

28 – Watched Horton Hears a Who on a rooftop terrace

29 – Tried red velvet cheesecake

30 – Visited The Top of The World at the top of the WTC in Baltimore


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